A. Apple Shaped

Defined by:

  • Fullness around middle
  • Little difference in measurements between hips, shoulders and waist
  • Average to large bust
  • You may have slender arms and legs

B. Pear

Defined by:

  • Full hips or thighs
  • A defined waist
  • Shoulders that are narrower than your hips
  • A small top half as well as a small bust

C. Inverted triangle 

Defined by:

  • Your top half is larger than your bottom half
  • Little definition between waist and hips
  • Flat hips and bottom
  • Straight and squared shoulder line

D. Rectangle or tomboy

Defined by:

  • Straight shoulder line and rib cage
  • Straight hips and flat bottom
  • Very little waist definition
  • You may also be small busted

E. Hourglass

Defined by:

  • Shoulders and hips are in line
  • A defined bust
  • A small waist
  • A curved bottom


Please note you may be more than one shape but can use tips from each shape given. Over time if you gain or lose weight you could then be defined by a different shape.