A lot of the time people are just not wearing clothes that fit well. We are not all a standard shape (ok let’s face it most of us are not) but most chain stores and more so the high end fashion designer shops are still churning out the standard fit. (I understand this from a monetary point of view but there really is a high need to accommodate other shapes. There are some stores starting to change this one size fits all approach and I will highlight those stores in a future blog) Oh and just so you know the likes of Kim K and J Lo have designers completely cut an outfit to fit their curvier frame (lucky them).

Kim Kardashian in custom Balmain dress.

So in reality we ain’t so privileged! If we want clothes to fit impeccably (besides wearing stretch or relying on my fashion finds) you will need to become best friends with your tailor, ok?

To be honest I really only got onto this of late as was sick of wearing stretch as well as not being able to wear certain designer pieces. Yes, it can become expensive if you’re completely altering a piece but if you are tailoring one small adjustment it’s affordable. I mainly use it for shirts adding darts around the waistline to accommodate my large bust. See below the gorgeous Maje shirt I wore to the polo and how the tailoring created a slimline effect in showing my shape (cost me $20 but you yourself might be handy with a sewing machine and can save that cost).

Here I had my birthday gown altered at the small of my back to again have a perfectly fitted dress that embraced my curves and accentuated my waist.

Altered birthday gown.

Altered birthday gown.

If you have the cash for that special occasion actually getting a dress made to your particular body shape is worth its weight in gold. I had a beautiful bridesmaid dress designed and made for my sister’s wedding and later had it altered again after I lost the baby weight after my second baby.

Custom made gown.

So a swift tailor LOL is a must and it might just simply mean going up a size and adjusting where necessary. I’d love to hear how you go trying this out so please comment, send me a photo or drop me a line via email.