The amount of times I see women of all ages, shapes and sizes wearing clothes that are just not right for their shape is a bit alarming. That without saying is I have had my own fashion terror moments such as the accidental key hole shirt (as I like to call it – the hindrance of having a big bust.) The old I can squeeze into my ‘one size too small’ skinny jeans moment and sport an obvious muffin top and the classic moment of forcing to wear a trend that just does not work for your shape (for me the big puffy shoulder thing – ick).

Despite those afore mentioned fashion faux pas, I have however always had a knack of dressing myself and others well (something weirdly innate in me). I put this down to being able to visualise well and see the world as a painting and in 2D shape – yep like I said weird! 

There was a point in time that I did lose my sense of fashion (not so long ago in fact) and this was in the aftermath of having children. Throughout my pregnancies I dressed with my usual style and loved my expanding tummy and the sheer joy of looking amazing in stretch dresses! However, after the first (big) bubba and then the second there was time of complete denial (or was it just sheer exhaustion). Anyway as I look back in reflection after shedding most of the baby weight (which took time mind you) I realized that I had not accepted that my body had in fact changed shape! (Plus my feet had grown 2 shoe sizes larger too ughBUT that’s another story and a sad one in that when you have a shoe collection to rival Carrie Bradshaw and they dont fit – eeeek!).

Ok, This shape metamorphosis after babies does not happen to everyone (you know the ones I’m talking about those lucky women who spring back with a flat tummy and you would never know that they had even birthed a baby). Now I’m not envious (ok maybe a little) but there are a small amount of people that are blessed with this gift (like Miranda Kerr who birthed a whopping 5kg child naturally and still looks amazing uh huh!) and kudos to them. But for the rest of us mere mortals a shape change can happen after kids and it is quite common. 

For others though not dressing for their shape could just be a lack of knowledge or just not really seeing what’s in front of them in the mirror.  In fact, I think you need that moment to stand in front of the mirror and to really see the body that is yours. Not to vilify, but to accept your proportions and to work with what you’ve got. This is a moment as well to be (without sounding preachy) to be proud of the body you have been blessed with (because in reality it’s pretty bloody fantastic what it can do and damn beautiful too – the female form no matter it’s shape has always come with admirationso embrace your own unique shape!)

Once you begin to know your shape (find out your body shape here), you can begin the long and happy journey (with my help of course) of dressing for your shape and looking damn hot in the process. 

Look out for my next few blogs where I will focus on some of the key things that I do to dress for your shape.